Sirat-i Inayat Statements

Sirat-i Inayat is a path of spiritual training, religious nourishment, and a community of friends.

The human family is evolving, and we want to support the awakening of humanity toward more kindness and compassion.

Sirat-i Inayat, as a collective, does not engage in partisan politics. We do not support extreme views or ideologies in any direction of religion or politics.

We welcome and love people across the political spectrum – conservative, liberal, independent, et cetera. It is our shared value to honor and respect each person’s highest ideals, and to recognize that, according to Murshid, “The sense of justice is not the same in everybody; it is according to a person’s evolution and his ideal.” We encourage and bless individuals in the pursuit of their ideals according to their evolution.

We do not seek to persuade or impose our ideals on others. Our community and its leaders are dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming space for all respectful persons.

Along with our value of respecting each individual’s ideals, we stand by the following statements with sincerity and fullness of heart:


      • We are dedicated to Earth stewardship. We encourage personal and collective choices that honor the Earth’s limited resources and inherent sacredness. Our spiritual values and practices include environmental consciousness and creating a healthy, sustainable relationship with the Earth as a living, precious entity.
      • We respect, support, and welcome individuals of any gender identification and expression, sexual orientation, political affiliation, ethnicity, race, religion (or lack thereof), cultural background, education, age, financial means, or physical ability. We protect and validate these diverse expressions in our community.
      • We value, celebrate, and respect political and religious freedom. We believe everyone should be treated with kindness and consideration. While leaders and teachers are entitled to their personal political and religious convictions, we are committed to maintaining a respectful community, shaping our programs with sensitivity and consideration.
      • We recognize and honor the Divine Feminine. She has been overlooked, unacknowledged, and neglected for millennia. We are committed to raising the awareness of a Mother God, Warrior Goddess, Grandmother Moon, and the Earth as Gaia. We include female and feminine forms, names, bodies, archetypes, traits, and images – all inherently present in the God-ideal.
      • We, as a Sufi tariqa, church, and community, bless each individual’s passionate work in areas of social justice and political activism. Those individual interests, actions, and issues are respected and supported as an individual’s ideals. Sirat-i Inayat is not a social justice or political activism platform, and it is not a focus of our work.
      • We do not proselytize. We welcome but do not persuade. There is no compulsion in Sufism. We are willing to be known, and we want to be findable for those who seek to find us. We trust God to open the doors that need to be opened – the message will speak for itself.