Prayers of the Divine Feminine


In Your Presence, Divine Mother,
The Embodiment of all that is Holy, Birther and Cherisher of the Worlds, Illuminate our prayers, Guide our lives,
And Hold us ever in Your Perfect Heart.



Great Mother, Infinite, Eternal, Lady of the Celestial Heart,
You are the Vast Universe, the Dance of the Stars,
the Light of the Sun, and the Rhythm of the Moon.
From Your Body we are born, and to Your Heart we return.
Teach us to see Beauty in Your Creation.
Help us to Love You as the Oceans, the Rivers, the Mountains, the Deserts, the Fields, and in the Midst of Humanity.
Lift our spirits that we may praise You,
a constant love in the ever-changing seasons.
Heal and Comfort us in our worldly strife.

Divine Mother, Priestess, Queen, Ancient One,
You Hold the balance of life and death, growth and decay.
Help us to trust Your Vision and place our destiny in Your Hands.
Let us behold our lives through Your Gentle Sight.
Let us know Your Wisdom.

Fill our hearts and souls with the Sweet Nectar of Your Flowing Stream of Grace.
We stand in Your Glory and bow in gratitude for Your Blessings.
Our bodies reflect Your Perfection, as the Moon reflects the Sun.
We ask Your Patience and Forbearance as we learn to walk in harmony with Your Desire.
Shine upon us Your Endless Love, Your Guiding Light,
and the Power of your Infinite Being.



Radiant Earth Mother, Guardian, Source of Life,
We hear Your Sacred Word
in the beating of our hearts and in the silence between breaths.

Our bodies know You as Gaia, as Grandmother Spider, and as Sheela-na-Gig.
Our minds know You as Inanna, as Saraswati, and as Amaterasu.
Our hearts know You as Yemanja, as Uma Maryam, and as Kuan Yin.
Our souls know You as Tiamat, as Ereshkigal, and as Sekhmet.
From the beginning, we have honored You as Coatlicue, as Lilith, and as The Fates.
And we have loved You as Eve, as Miriam, and as Rabia al-Adawiyya.

We know Your Beloved Face in the tender spring blossoms, the ripe fruits of the land, and the stillness of winter.
We see Your Courage in a birthing mother,
and Your Generosity in her flowing milk.
You are the rising sun, the fresh dawn,
the fire in our bellies, and the purifying rain.
You are the standing stones, the growing grain,
the flowing river, and the rush of bird wings.

From Your Protective Arms we are sent forth, You light our path and welcome us home again.
All our lives are held in Your Compassionate Embrace.

Speak to us through Your Divine Nature.
Let us feel Your Living Presence in the rosemary, orange blossom, thistle, and sage.
Let us recognize You in the creatures of Earth, Sky, and Sea.
We live in You and we listen for Your Wisdom in our bones,
our blood, and our clear intelligence.
With each thought, feeling, desire, and action,
help us to remember that our souls are an emanation of your Divine Being.



Great Birther, Sustainer, Holy Wisdom,
Essence of Love, Harmony, and Beauty,
Mother, Sister, Daughter, Beloved One,
Bless us, inspire us, and renew us.
Shine your light within us, protect us and delight our spirits.

Most Precious Friend, the Living Truth of our beings, Work through our hands,
Sing through our voices, Serve humanity through our lives.
Awaken our wisdom and help us to embrace You
in each moment on Your Sacred Earth.
Teach us to love one another as you love us, Divine Mother.
May we honor You through our actions,
and may we live in the Harmony of Your Heart.



May the Grace of the Mother Surround you, May Her Strength Sustain you,
May Her Healing Love Fill your soul, And may you know Her Divine Peace.



Sakina – “Indwelling presence”
Malika – “Queen”
Abida – “Worshipper”
Munira – “Embodiment of light”
Baraka – “Blessing”

1. Gaia: (Greek) Earth Mother
2. Grandmother Spider: (Hopi) Guidance, Creation
3. Sheela-na-Gig: (Irish) Childbirth and death
4. Inanna: (Sumerian) Civilization – first known Goddess
5. Saraswati: (Hindu) Devotion, Language
6. Amaterasu: (Japanese) Sun
7. Yemanja: (Yoruban) Orisha of the Ocean
8. Uma Maryam: (Arabic) Mother of Jesus, “Mother Mary”
9. Kuan Yin: (Chinese) Compassion, healing
10. Tiamat: (Mesopotamian) Sea Dragon, Mother of Gods
11. Ereshkigal: (Sumerian) Underworld, death
12. Sekhmet: (Egyptian) War, fertility
13. Coatlicue: (Aztec) “Serpent Skirt” Earth, Mother
14. Lilith: (Hebrew) First wife of Adam, “Night creature”
15. The Fates: (Greek) three weavers of destiny
16. Eve: (Hebrew) First woman, “Mother of humanity”
17. Miriam: (Hebrew) sister of Moses, prophetess, protector
18. Rabia al-Adawiyya: (Arabic) Sufi Saint, mystic