Widening the Circle

Following Murshid’s encouragement to be fully present in the world, to have families, jobs, interests, hobbies, relationships, and the complete human experience, all Sirat-i Inayat leaders and teachers have lives alongside their Sufi work.

Some of them have businesses and services they offer to the world, some of them are artists, magic-makers, healers, musicians, entrepreneurs, et cetera.

See what they’re up to, offer your support, participate in their offerings, and


Khabir Mayer-Glauninger – https://www.friedenstaenze.de/tanzleiter.php?mayerglauninger-christiankhabir&grid=5&tid=10

Raziya Cruz – https://raziyacruz.weebly.com/

Malik McGregor – https://www.dallion.com/about_me/

Abdullah Belikoff-Strads – https://www.envitalize.life/

Halim Shadowlight – http://oneholybook.org/

Sára Rain – https://trigoddess.org/