Temple of the Divine Feminine

The Sirat-i Inayat celebrates and recognizes the Divine Feminine in all the activities, prayers, devotions, studies, and expressions of spiritual and everyday life. 

And, since She is so often not acknowledged, perceived, spoken of, or explicitly included, we feel it is of utmost importance to give Her specific honor and action within our community. 

The Temple of the Divine Feminine welcomes and cherishes the participation of all human beings, all genders, all sexual orientations. It is not a Ray of “women,” but of humanity. 

Our human family has, for generations, felt the impact and been guided by a theology that is either overtly of a “male” God, or a neutral-gender expression of “God” that somehow presumes the absence of a feminine face of God. 

We believe this imbalance contributes to a lack of equality – a human condition that does not value or recognize the power and beauty of a Mother God, Birther, Sustainer, Fierce and Powerful, Healing and Compassionate, Cherisher of the World Divine Feminine.

We celebrate and recognize a wholistic God – inclusive, living, and embodied as the Earth, the Sky, the Moon, the Sun, and in all forms of human being, creature, plant, and stone.

She is our Mother, Lover, Friend, Sister, Grandmother, and Guide.

She births and cherishes us, and we, in return, birth and cherish Her.

She is present in every Beautiful Name of God.

She is the source, the sustenance, and the goal.

The Temple of the Divine Feminine is vibrant, healing, welcoming, nourishing, and empowering. It is led by a Temple Priestess, a dedicated friend and servant to the Great Mother God.

Activities of the Temple include prayers, conversation, ritual, study, and worship services in honor of the Divine Feminine. Special attention and energy are dedicated to finding and integrating the wisdom of “the Mothers” in each religion and spiritual tradition. They have largely been overlooked and overshadowed, but they are here, the wisdom keepers, the mystics, sages, poets and priestesses, Goddesses and Bodhisattvas.

The Temple Priestess will offer a direct blessing to anyone who wishes to make a heartful commitment to discover and honor the Feminine Divine. This blessing is an acknowledgement of one’s sincerity, a benediction of vitality, power, compassion, and peace from God to Her children.

Check our calendar of events, or contact Temple Priestess Themis Waduda for more information, to participate, or to request a blessing.

You are also welcome to visit us on facebook: Feminine Divine