Towards the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the Only Being, United with All the Illuminated Souls, Who Form the Embodiment of the Master, the Spirit of Guidance.

Beloved Ones,

Welcome to Sirat-i Inayat. We are an interfaith community of spiritual seekers and friends striving to understand and embody the teachings and guidance of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan in our everyday lives.

Inayat Khan said, “Sufism does not mean goodness, kindness or piety; Sufism means wisdom.” 

Wisdom is the grounded, stable, God-essence, the foundation of our deepest knowing. It is not “intelligence and information,” nor is it “morality and doctrine.”

Wisdom is the integrated experience of Reality we touch when we untangle from our confused attachments and turn towards the vast perspective of the All-Pervading Divine.

There are many ways we can approach this effort: study, spiritual practices, human relationships, self-inquiry, music, ritual, conversation, meditation, to name a few.

Whether you are a scholar, a helper, an artist, whether you are a dancer, a singer, a prayerful devotee, all paths lead to the same goal. The Sirat-i Inayat, as a Sufi order and a church, is here to support you in your aspirations toward peace, happiness, equanimity, useful service, and the fulfillment of your soul’s purpose. There is great comfort, warmth, opportunity for growth and challenge that happens in a spiritual community.

Hazrat Inayat Khan’s wisdom teachings, spiritual training instructions, and inspired services are the central guiding light for Sirat-i Inayat. As a living expression of Inayat’s message, we try to understand and continue his work in the ways that are vibrant and resonant with the hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits of our community.

All the leaders and teachers in Sirat-i Inayat are, first and foremost, mureeds. We are life-long students, continuing to work on ourselves, and to welcome the flow of guidance and grace that purifies the heart and enlivens the spirit. We give honor and thanks to the Sufi masters and illuminated souls who constitute our Silsila, the lineage stream of wisdom and blessings that flow from teacher to student through the generations.

“If we inquire of our self within for what purpose we have come to earth and why we have become human beings, wondering whether it would perhaps have been better to remain angels, the answer will certainly come to the wise, from his own heart, that we are here to experience a fuller life, to become fully human.” 

~ Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan ~